This is Emo

, which means “Auntie” in Korean. Our brand name “Emoné” means “Auntie’s Place.”

To throw a perfect birthday party for my beloved niece, my sister and I asked her to draw her dream cake. 

Her drawing was hard to realize, but as an artist and sculptor, I wanted to cherish and realize her fantasy, and that is when the love-infused imagination sparked up.

To deliver love and care to our adoring ones, I designed delicate curves with rounded edges with non-toxic materials to ensure their safety around the household while maintaining the dream weaved into our daily life.

Emoné believes in the essence of family, the potential of imagination, and the power of design. By exploring the relationship between sensation and art, fantasy and craftsmanship, we want to create an affectionate and breathable environment for you and your loved ones.

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